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Best Electrode Holder Reviews- Top 3 Choices in 2020

best electrode holder

Feel challenging to hold the electrodes in steady positions during welding?​Are you seeking a great way to hold the electrodes correctly?Well, if your answer for all of these questions is YES, then an electrode holder (also called welding stinger) is the right accessory for you.In fact, an electrode holder is the smartest way to aid […]

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Best Stick Welder for Farm Use- Top 3 Choices

best stick welder for farm use

Looking at buying the best welder for farm use? But which one- MIG, Stick or TIG welder?”Farms encounter a wide range of welding projects and repairs. So, every ranch or farm needs to have two or three different types of welders.What if you don’t want to invest in several types of welders?Keep it simple!Go with […]

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Best Cheap MIG Welder Reviews- Top 3 Choices

best cheap mig welder

Made up your mind to buy the best MIG welders but you’re on a tight budget?Don’t give up!If you’ve done any type of research on MIG welding machine you’ve probably noticed that they range somewhere between $100 to 3000. And the market is over-flooded with numerous options. So, finding the best cheap MIG welders isn’t […]

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Best Stubby Wrench Sets for Every Budget

best stubby wrench set

Feel challenging to work with hard-to-reach fasteners with the standard length wrenches? Or do you have little room for jobs to back and forth the wrench arm movement?In those cases, using a stubby wrench is convenient.Buying a whole set will give you better value rather than purchasing a specific stubby wrench on a needed basis.However, […]

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7 Best Welding Magnets- Why Do You Need One in 2020?

best welding magnets

Want to weld at precise angles and vamp up your fabrication task?Or looking for a simple way to position and clamp work-piece and pick up spatters, and fine metal shavings during welding or soldering?[Top Pick]Then, a magnetic welding positioner or welding magnet can be the right choice for you.If you’re looking for a comprehensive best […]

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Best Welding Table Reviews -6 Top Choices 2020

best welding table

Are you planning to buy the best welding table to speed up your welding or plasma cutting projects?But the options to buy the best plasma cutting and welding tables are endless. But you have to start somewhere.[Top Pick]Unfortunately, there are many cheap options which will probably last no more than a few months. So, the […]

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Primeweld Cut50 Air Inverter Plasma Cutter-Why Best of the Best

primeweld cut50 plasma cutter

Quality​PerformancePriceOverall Rating4.7/ 5The Specialty of Primeweld CUT50Low price but high-performanceDesigned for non-professional but withstand extensive use in rugged construction and industrial environmentsIndustrial-quality but also user-friendly for hobbyist and beginner50A 110/220-Volt automatic dual voltage compatibilityEfficient on rusty, rough, painted and old scrap metalHigh power output for thicker metal, and constant output for thinner metal.If you’re looking […]

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Best Demolition Hammer Reviews-Top Choices 2020

Have you tired of finding the best demolition hammer but getting confused to pick the right one for your jobs?Hundreds of hammer drills have been produced and available in the market today. So, selecting the right one is quite challenging.No worry!We’ll take care of that for you.To narrow down the selection, aside from the popularity […]

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5 Best Cheap Plasma Cutter Reviews- How Good or Bad?

cheap plasma cutters

Welcome to our cheap plasma cutter reviews.Want to enjoy the top-notch metal cutting performance from your plasma cutting system without breaking the bank?Then, these 5 best cheap plasma cutters will be sure to fill your needs.Inexpensive plasma cutter is among popular-needs for DIY projects or small workshop. But all of the models are not created […]

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11 Best Cordless Ratchets- All the Leaders in 2020

best cordless ratchet

Best cordless ratchet is among popular-needs for them who don’t like to get stuck with cords in the middle of their serious ratcheting jobs.“No more electric corded ratchet, no more irritation of getting stuck with cords in the middle of your serious work”- the best ratchet without cord promises this. Cordless ratchets are extremely popular because […]

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