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If you’re on the search for a reliable, in-depth review of various tools, we’re confident that your tedious searching task will end right here.

Now you don’t need to waste hours searching through hundreds of websites to find the best tools that fit your specific needs and budget.

Our experts’ reviews cover the best tools available on the market today for the DIY enthusiast and professional alike.

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We’re convinced that the more you learn, the more you’ll know that QGP is the right solution to finding reliable tools for you.

No matter, you’re a dedicated professional or home hobbyist, our reviews will save you time and take this uncertainty out of selecting the right tools.

It’s just not a wide range of tools that we feature; we also have reviews of accessories and much more.

We’re always Up-to-Date

We always keep our top product lists and information up-to-date.

So, any model you pick from our comprehensive list is considered a top-rated option that’s available today.


Ivan D. mitchell


Ivan D. Mitchell

Hi, I’m the main person behind this site-QuickGuidePro.

I’m the Chief Engineer, Manufacturing Engineering Tool and Launch, specializing in automation equipment design and build which meets World Class Manufacturing methodology. I have 15 years of work experience as a Tooling Specialist on some of the leading automotive manufacturing companies. When I launched this site, I wanted to create a platform where you’ll get everything about tools in one place. I also wanted to share my experience in the tool industry. I’ll do my best to share the information you need to truly make your tool using experience better. I hope you find our guides, reviews, information HELPFUL. If you have any inquiries, I’m always here to help you.