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Best Skid Steer Rock Bucket-Top 3 Models


Skid steer owners.

Need to remove large debris or clear stones leaving finer dirt and soil on the site? Or, looking for a simple way to sift debris, move firewood, or till the soil before planting?

Then, a skid loader rock bucket is an excellent option to handle the jobs.

You can hire this attachment. But buying a skid loader rock bucket is more cost-effective if you have an extensive amount of job to do.

Unfortunately, shopping for the best skid steer rock bucket is quite challenging as there are hundreds of models to choose from. In fact, it’s quite frustrating to waste the bucks on good for nothing!

You bet it is!

Worry Not!

In this skid steer rock bucket reviews article, you’ll get some top-rated models. No matter what your budget is, hopefully, you’ll find the right one for your next project.

Shall we start now?

3 Top-Rated Skid Steer Rock Buckets- Quick Comparison Chart

In a hurry?

Then, check out the comparison table below where you’ll find all the best options quickly, along with specs.

Product Name

Bucket Dimensions (inch)

Tine spacing


Cutting Edge (inch)


Titan Attachements 72-inch

72 (W) x 49.5 (L) x 24 (H)



Titan Attachements 72-inch

82 (W) x

 49 (L) x

 24 (H)



ES 72″ Rock Bucket Grapple

72 (W) x

 34 (L) x

 27 (H)


Not mentioned

3 Best Skid Steer Rock Buckets Reviews

We’ve spent a significant amount of hours analyzing, researching, and testing more than a hundred models to recommend the best one for most consumers.

Then, we’ve made a shorter list for in-depth research before finalizing our top picks. And finally, we’ve selected 3 best rock buckets for skid steer based on value, brand quality and consumer reviews.

These top 3 continue to outsell any other rock buckets in the market.

#1 Titan Attachments Skid Steer Rock Bucket, 72-inch

titan skeleton rock bucket skid steer


  • Bucket Weight:          702 pounds
  • Dimensions:               72 (W) x 49.5 (L) x 24 (H) inches
  • Power source:            Skid steer
  • Tine spacing:              4 inches
  • Tine Thickness:           ½-inch
  • Cutting Edge:             3/4 -inch

Key Features

  • Heavy-duty skeleton frame
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Skid loader quick latch
  • Replaceable teeth
  • Integrated step in the center of the bucket
  • Open Tine bottom for sifting debris

If you’re on a limited budget but have an extensive job to do, take a glimpse at this Titan Attachments 72-inch rock bucket.

First of all, it’s a top-notch multi-tasking attachment. It comes with a larger bucket (72-inch wide) to handle a big job. 

Here is some specific area where this 72″ rock bucket performs tremendously.

  -Sifting debris from dirt or sand  -Loading rock  -Carrying firewood  -Tilling soil prior to planting  -Cleaning up the job site

Conveniently, it enables you to pick up more material than any product of its class. Of course, by using a quick-attach component, you can fit it on a wide range of skid steers.

What about construction quality?

Honestly speaking, “Rugged!”.

The quality is far above the others. The skeleton frame is heavy-duty to provide you with the durability needed for most demanding tanks and even in the harshest conditions. Additionally, the powder-coated finish makes it rust-resistant.

Usefully, the center of the bucket has an integrated step for slip-free, easy entry to your skid loader.

What’s more, there are 4 inches spacing between the tines. Of course, the teeth are replaceable for ultimate convenience. Undoubtedly, the performance of titan skid steer buckets will surprise you.

Overall, Titan Attachments 72-inch Skid Steer Rock Bucket Attachment is fantastic for any landscaping business!


  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Extremely well-built
  • Easy skid loader entry
  • Easy & speedy replacement
  • Rust-resistance and durable


  • The attachment plate is somewhat flimsy.

#2 Titan Attachments Rock Bucket Grapple Skeleton Loader w/Teeth Skid Steer, 82-inch

titan attachments rock bucket grapple skeleton loader


  • Bucket Weight:         1,200 pounds
  • Dimensions:              82 (W) x 49 (L) x 24 (H) inches
  • Power Source:           Skid steer, hydraulic 
  • Tine spacing:             4 inches
  • Cast Teeth:                6
  • Tine Thickness:         ½-inch
  • Cutting Edge:            1″

Key Features

  • Frame made from 3″ x 3″ steel tubing
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Skid steer quick tach
  • Six Replaceable 0.5 inches thick teeth
  • Fifteen 0.5-inch steel tines
  • Open Tine bottom for sifting debris
  • Reinforced cutting edge for long life
  • Two hydraulic cylinders
  • 2.5″ bore x 8″ stroke

“Performance is the key.”

Yes, it’s true for Titan Attachments 82″ rock bucket.

Wondering why we’re so confident about this attachment?

Titan Attachments 82″ is an excellent rock grapple bucket for landscaping. It’s designed for clearing large debris and rocks.

It’s an extremely useful piece of equipment for grooming the lawn, removing debris from your yard or farm, sifting through logs, roots, thick brush, and more without hauling the valuable dirt away.

In addition to that…..

This attachment is useful for pulling trees from the ground. With a maximum opening height of 35.5-inches, this rock bucket grapple skeleton loader provides you with an exceptional grip. So, you can pull out that irritating brush or get all those pesky rocks with ease.

For transporting pipes, or moving parts this strong rock grapple loader will also be an excellent investment.

The inside width of this bucket is 82-inch and the outside width is 83-inch. The grapple rake is 49-inch deep. It’s 14.5″ deep from the top of the bucket to the top of the tines. The 3-in x 3-in steel tube made frame makes the Titan rock bucket heavy-duty to handle the toughest jobs.

The grapples and rock buckets both are made from extreme duty 0.5-inch steel. Of course, the matte black powder-coated finish adds to its longevity. You can attach it to several types of loaders. Thanks to its Universal Skid Steer Attachment.

Moreover, it comes included with (2) 2.5-inch bore x 8-inch stroke hydraulic cylinders and hoses and flat-faced couplers.

Wait there is much more…

It features six teeth and fifteen ½-inch steel tines to make brush and rock removal easy. Of course, the teeth are easy to replace. The tines spacing is 3-inch from each other.

Overall, it’s an excellent rock grapple loader for the money.


  • Very well-built
  • Strong, rust resistance and durable
  • Designed for heavy-duty work
  • Provides an exceptional grip
  • Reasonably priced


  • No significant issues found.

#3 ES 72″ Rock Bucket Grapple Skid Steer Quick Attach

es rock bucket grapple skid steer


  • Bucket Weight:           455 pounds
  • Dimensions:                72 (W) x 34 (L) x 27 (H) inches
  • Power source:             Skid steer
  • Tine spacing:               3-¼ inches
  • Tine Thickness:           1/4-inch

Key Features

  • One-cylinder grapple with cover
  • ½-inch Grade 50 steel bucket construction
  • ¼-inch steel gusseted tines for added strength
  • 3/8″ universal quick attach
  • Steel covers to protect cylinders
  • 3-1/4″ Tooth spacing for picking and sifting
  • Powder-coated black finish

Next up on this list is 72″ Rock Bucket Grapple Skid Steer from Express Steel Inc.

ES Rock Bucket is a very accommodating & helpful staff for loading, scooping, and moving rocks and debris.

Made in the USA, it’s a single-cylinder rock bucket grapple. It features a universal quick attach that helps it to fit all skid steers and tractors with the quick-connect mounting system. It’s recommended for machines up to 65 HP.

The overall dimension is 72″ x 34″ x 27″. The 72-inch wide and strong bucket enables to move of a lot of materials in a far quicker time than several other models. The quality of this attachment is outstanding. ½-inch Grade 50 steel bucket construction makes it heavy-duty and highly durable. Due to the powder-coated finish, this stuff is rust-resistance and ensures long-lasting performance.

The ¼-inch steel gusseted tines also add strength. The tines are also designed to keep material from rolling forward.

And the price is also extremely reasonable!

All in all, it’s a great product at a great price. 


  • Excellent for rooting and back dragging
  • Exceptionally heavy-duty
  • Powerful holding strengthMade in the USA


  • No significant issues found.

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Best Skid Steer Rock Bucket Attachment- Buying Guide

Rock Bucket Attachment is a versatile piece of equipment for different types of work in land management and contracting. However, finding the right model for getting done the intended job can be difficult.

You need to pay attention to the tine spacing and other specifications to suit your industry to a tee. A little bit of research on the different models and factors that you should pay attention to before buying can end up helping you get the best deal on the premium product.

Some essential factors are:

Work Type

When you’re building a site for construction or preparing land for cultivation, there will always be foreign objects or rocks that hinder your working process.

If you’re in the construction industry, tine spacing isn’t a significant factor to consider. But if you’re in the agriculture industry, it counts for everything.

Thinking about your intended work type will help you choose the right rock bucket attachment for the task at hand.

Capacity and Efficiency

Each rock bucket attachment comes with a set of specifications (weight, dimensions, tine thickness, tine spacing and much more) that may vary from brand and one model to the other. 

Failure to take note of these specs, your rock bucket may fail to function correctly, which may cause problems with efficiency. For example, if you fail to pick the right model with the right capacity, it won’t work as expected and your productivity may also be reduced.

Therefore, before making a final buying decision, check the essential specs to ensure your chosen model is perfect for the work.


Most rock buckets have some common features, regardless of the model, brand and manufacture. They all include rods or tines with varying dimensions and spacing, hose routings and pins. Some models also include quick-attach parts, hoses and couplers, greaseable pivot fittings, and hydraulic components.

Some rock bucket also comes equipped with grapples. Although grapple is helpful to move the large materials securely, it may add extra bucks to its price tag.

Rock bucket price and your Budget

Based on the different features and quality, this equipment comes with different price tags. However, within $1000 to $2000 you will be able to get a top-rated rock bucket that any professional or skid steer owner would benefit from.

How to Maintain a Skid Loader Rock Bucket

Proper maintenance of any tool or equipment can make it long-lasting and save you money. This is also true for skid loader rock bucket attachment.

A well-maintained rock bucket can help you to get the job done more efficiently. This also results in faster job completion and reduced fuel consumption.

You can find the maintenance tips of the specific model within the skid steer rock bucket manual. However, we’ve listed here some useful tips:

  • Always check the mounting hinges for rust, cracks or any weakness before using it.
  • Check the leading corners and edges of the bucket for wear and tear.
  • Carefully inspect the teeth for any damage. Also check for the missing teeth and replace them as necessary.
  • Inspect the bushings and pins for wear.
  • Regularly lubricate the pins.


Any damaged components need to be repaired or replaced in a timely fashion. Failure to do this may result in the entire attachment becoming unusable.

Skid Loader Rock Bucket Safety

The rock bucket itself isn’t a dangerous skid loader attachment. But it may become a cause for concern when it’s attached to a giant skid loader.

So, the operators must know how to operate a skid loader professionally. They should also carefully read the safety instructions within the manufacturer’s manual.

Some safety tips for operating skid steer with rock bucket are:

  • You must not operate a skid loader while you’re tired or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Always keep the skid loader and all the attachments in good working order.
  • You should not attempt to carry passengers in the rock bucket.
  • Use counterweight on the skid loader to prevent imbalance.
  • Avoid overloading the bucket beyond its load capacity.Never allow any bystanders to your worksite.


Rock buckets for skid steer is undoubtedly a beneficial tool in land management and contracting.

We hope this guide on the best skid steer rock bucket for the money was helpful for you in making a choice for your needs.

With costs aside, hopefully, you found the right one on this list and use it for years to come.

Thanks for reading!