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Primeweld Tig225x Review- The Best AC DC Tig/Stick Welder

The PRIMEWELD TIG225X is one of the most impressive Tig/ Stick welders we’ve seen in this class.

It is a middle category welding machine that is not very expensive yet has versatility and several useful features to handle general welding projects.

This reliable Tig/ Stick welding machine uses advanced technologies to deliver top performance. The impressive specifications of this model make it suitable for various welding applications. It’ll take your craft to a whole new level of quality.

Want to know what else this brilliant unit has to offer that makes it so fantastic?

Then, read this Primeweld Tig225x review to know what stands out among its competitors.

primeweld tig225x 225

Exploring the PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC Welder

PRIMEWELD is a brand that always committed to providing you with the best equipment when it comes to Plasma cutter, TIG and MIG welding.

It is a brand that builds its products to last a long time. So, at a reasonable price, users get the most out of them with the best performance.

And the PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Tig/Stick Welder is not an exception to all this.

TIG225X is a top of the line TIG welder that delivers on its promises. It has several useful features and functions that you can surely enjoy. What’s more, you’ll rarely find these features in similar models of its class within a similar price range.

When it comes to accurate settings and performance, this unit has something more to offer. Its advanced technologies, along with the solid construction, make it a high-performer. It delivers consistent results every time.

For these reasons, it has continually gained higher ratings from users.

Who Should Use TIG225X?

Both the professional and hobbyist will find this a handy addition to their welding machine arsenal.

Our team of experts highly recommend this model for DIYers who want to handle occasional projects but still looking for a professional-grade welding machine.

However, this model will be a good fit for the professionals who need a versatile unit to use their backup welding machine to do their simple welding tasks.

Best Applications

TIG225X features 225 amps of Tig welding with stick mode for a wide range of uses. You can use it for manufacturing, DIY, automotive, and other metal welding projects.

Primarily, it is an aluminum TIG welder that welds aluminum with ease on AC mode. It offers the highest quality control on aluminum.

But I face no problem welding mild steel, stainless steel, metal sheets and other metals with this bad boy. Notably, it can weld up to ¼-inch aluminum, 3/8-inch mild steel.

For thicker material, this 225 amps AC/DC TIG welder can weld a 1/2-inch metal plate. At the same time, 10 amps output can get you all the way down to 24 gauge sheet metal.

I’ve found that this pulsed TIG welder produces beautiful welds on aluminum. Additionally, it is capable of welding 7018 and 6013 rods.

At 108 amps, it has a 100% duty cycle. And it offers a 40% duty cycle at a total power rating. It delivers a vast range of amperage- 10/90 pulse ratio from 10 to 225 amps.

For TIG, the output is 20 to 140 amps. It produces the highest amps at 240Volt. The output is 20 to 120 amps at 120 volts and 180 amps at 240 volts for the arc. That means versatility is unmatched when it comes to welding various metals using these outputs.

Furthermore, you can use it with either 120V or 240V input current.

What impressed me most is the smooth and consistent welding results for the T joint and Lap joint. And what is more remarkable, it offers impressive performance in both low (0.5 to 10) and high (10 to 200) pulse settings.

I’ve found the arc was identical, and the pulse was smooth and quiet. It’s worth noting that the numeric digital display clearly shows the amp. What is even better, it remains visible at all times when the machine is running.

What set TIG225X apart from its competitors?

TIG225X uses several latest technologies to deliver top performance.

First, it uses IGBT technology that gives it an edge against simple transformer based welders. This technology makes this unit highly reliable.

Secondly, wave pulse width modulation (PWM) technology manages the depth and width of penetration. It delivers an incredibly wide amperage range for its class.

225A maximum rated power output of this model is another indication that the capability of this welder will be more than its competitor.

It runs a high pulse frequency (200hz) on aluminum which most welders don’t. Finally, the HF start hand touch control makes this machine safer than the other models you can see.

Top Features and Pros of PrimeWeld TIG225x

The following section highlights all the features of this unit. I’ll also discuss their benefits as well.

Full-spectrum of adjustments

The best aspect of this unit is its full spectrum of adjustments that let you tune your arc characteristics.

From striking the arc to managing the depth and width of penetration- you can control every aspect of this machine.

AC DC Tig welding function

Is this machine offers anything beyond your expectation?

I was surprised to find this model works on both AC and DC voltage. That means it’ll solve your AC/DC problems.

What was more exciting to me is this unit lets me set the time on the AC cycle. The AC Balance Feature adds true TIG ability for using one side of the AC cycle to clean impurities from the weld puddle and oxidation from the surface.

For welding metal furniture, vehicle bodies or sculpture, its DC TIG function offers unmatched performance. Its TIG welding process provides the low-temperature control you need for producing beautiful beads. So, for exposed framework joints such as street rods, bicycle frames, fence work, and metal sculptures, this TIG welder’s performance shines.

Conveniently, a simple push of a switch lets you change between DC and AC voltage.

DC Stick Welding Mode for Quick Action

You’ll appreciate having stick welding modes in this TIG welder. If you don’t need the fineness of TIG welding, you can switch into DC stick mode to save costs on shielding gas.

It lets you weld up to 180 amps which is best for welding any metal up to ½-inch thick. And this makes fencing and equipment repairing tasks a lot easier.

Well-thought Design and Exceptional Built Quality

It is a reliable, rugged and well-built TIG welding machine. Just like every PrimeWeld plasma cutter and welding machine, this unit lasts under harsh real-world conditions.

This tool is designed specifically with end-users in mind. PrimeWeld adds several features to enhance user-friendliness and safety.

First and foremost, it has a proper ventilation system. So, you don’t need to be worried about its overheating if you have to complete a lot of tasks.

I’ve noticed that it doesn’t overload at high-duty cycles even when I continue the welding process for 5 to 6 minutes.

Secondly, the housing of this machine is heavy-duty. There is a metal bar handle on top of the body that adds its portability.

Additionally, rubber feet keep the unit secure in its place.

All the connectors have been located in one place. These clearly marked connector points help you avoid mistakes when connecting any pipe, wire or cable.

Excellent Torch & Additional Accessories

This machine comes with CK worldwide no. 17 super flex head genuine torch. You’ll also get all other essential accessories, including CK Superflex hose and a USA made CK DINSE connector. All of these extras are of excellent quality as well.

I can’t resist mentioning the machine comes with all these accessories in a drop-proof excellent packaging box. This care taken by PrimeWled has impressed me and gained my reliability.

Warranty and Customer Service

Primeweld backs this model with a no-hassle 3-year warranty. So you can rest assured that if something wrong happens to the unit during the warranty, you can have it repaired or replaced.

Their US-based customer service also has an excellent record. PrimeWeld’s LEGENDARY SUPPORT makes it easy to connect with their team of GENUINE PEOPLE. So, you’ll easily get helpful advice and troubleshoot for optimum performance.

All buyers of this unit agree that PrimeWeld offers the best customer service among all welding companies.


TIG225X is one of the best TIG welders under 1000.

Cons of PrimeWeld TIG225x

So, what problems you might face with this welder?

As mentioned earlier, this unit comes with a stunning array of adjustments on the front panel. There are a total of 10 dials. These infinite control dials are designed for ensuring a very precise setting.

But for the first time user, these controls may seem a little complicated at first. It would be best if you understood their function. Otherwise, you may have difficulty trying to understand how they work.

Our team of experts mentioned that you need to have a little welding experience to get the best out of this tool. You should read the manual first so that you can be sure how to operate it.

Start AMP10-225 with Pulse
End AMP10-225
Pulse Frequency0.10-225/ 0.5-10 hz
Pulse Time10-90%
Post Flow 1-10
Ac Balance30-70% 2T/4T
Up Slope 0-10s
Down Slope0-25s
AC Frequency40-200hz
Duty Cycle 120 voltTIG 40% @ 140, 100% @ 108MMA 40% @ 120, 100% @ 76
Duty Cycle 240 voltTIG 40% @ 225, 100% @ 155MMA 40% @ 180, 100% @ 139
Weight90 pounds
Dimensions 24 x 19 x 12 inches

FAQ about TIG225x

I hope there aren’t any things left to know about this machine. But there could still be some asking you may have. That’s why I’ve brought some common questions with their respective answers.

Does TIG225X has any certification?

Yes, it has ISO- 9000, CSA CCC, and CE certification. These certifications of this model increase the trustworthiness of the product.

Is it possible to attach a watercooler to it?

As mentioned above, this model comes with a much-loved CK17 torch with flex lines. After upgrading it to a water-cooled torch (CK20), you can attach a water cooler to it.

 Be careful not to run your water-cooled torch dry, as you risk burning it up and destroying the internal seals.

What are the electrical requirements for this model?

It requires a 50-amp service wire and breaker to use the unit to its full potential, especially on Stick or AC aluminum at 225 amps.

Where is it manufactured?

It is manufactured in China under strict specifications from the home brans company. It’s worth noting that PrimeWeld will have to respect those specifications, or else they will lose their contract.

The Bottom line

I’ve tried my best to explain to you everything about this welder that I’ve found while dealing with it. Surely, I’ll give this welding machine a thumbs up.

To sum it up: TIG225x is the best Tig/Stick AC DC Welder I’ve ever used.

Should YOU buy it?

That’s up to you.

If its features, capability, and price sound like it’ll be a good fit for your need, check out the price here.

You cannot go wrong with it.

It is a popular choice among many professionals, and after reading our PrimeWeld tig225x review and using it, there is a big chance that you’ll also like this bad boy.