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11 Best Welding Sleeves- For Arm Protection and Comfort

Have you been hovering over the internet for the best welding sleeves?

If so, this is where you stop!

Good-quality arm protection sleeves will complete your welding safety arsenal. During the warmer months, wearing a welding jacket is very uncomfortable. So, instead of wearing a full sleeve welding jacket, a pair of arm sleeves can be a great alternative.

Pair the sleeve with a welding apron that will ensure your body and arms are well-protected from molten metal, sparks, or spatter. Still, they are more comfortable, lighter, and cooler than wearing a full jacket.

There is an unlimited number of products available in the market. So, it is challenging to find one that is worth the investment.

But, don’t worry, I will help you find the best one.

Below, you’ll find the 10 most popular sleeves for welding.

Top 11 Best Welding Sleeves Reviews

By choosing one of the best welding sleeves on this page, you’ll not only save yourself hours of research, but you can rest assured that you’re getting a good quality one.

#1 Lincoln Electric KH813 Black One Size Flame-Resistant – Leather Welding Sleeves

This pair of Lincoln Flame-Resistant Welding Sleeves is perfect for light-duty or low amperage weldings like short arc MIG and TIG.

Best Overall

  • Slip-on pair of welding sleeves for protecting the arms from welding spatter and heat

  • Made of 9 ounce flame-resistant material

  • Elastic cuffs at each end for protection and holding sleeves in position

  • Sleeve length 21 inches

#2 BSX Gear Revco Industries BX-KK-18T Double Layer, Cut Resistant – Welding sleeves Kevlar

It is a high-end choice for those who are looking for arm protective sleeves with thumb notch. It provides provide cut protection as well as protection from abrasion and flame.

  • Double-layer for extra protection, 18" length with thumb hole

  • Thumb notch keeps sleeves from sliding off

  • Cut, abrasion and flame-resistant

  • Sold in pairs

  • ANSI cut level 4 1

#3 QeeLink Leather Welding Work Sleeves for Men & Women – Heat & Flame Resistant Arm Protection

This pair of work sleeves is made of heavy-duty split cowhide leather. It protects your arm from heat, flames, and potential burns. While the inside cotton layer provides ultimate comfort.

  •  90% Leather 10% Cotton

  • SUPERIOR PROTECTION: Heat & Flame-Resistant heavy duty split cowhide leather welding sleeve. Protect your arms from welding spatter and heat when your are working.
    EXTRA THICK & SOFT: Unique double layer design provide comfortable and also full arm protection. Leather outer is heat and spark proof and an inner cotton lining for maximum comfort.

  • MORE DURABLE: Sewing with strong, heat resistant US Kevlar thread. Made of thick split cowhide for durability. And it is wear & flame-resistant for protection from flame and spatter. We pay attention to every detail, emphasis on quality.

  • PERFECT FIT: Convenient velcro adjust sleeve to fit your arm. Elastic cuff at one side for protection and holding sleeves in position.

  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you're not COMPLETELY SATISFIED with our product, you will get a 100% COMPLETE REFUND.

#4 Lincoln Electric Split Leather & Flame Resistant (FR) Cotton Welding Sleeves , K3111-ALL

This pair of leather welding work sleeves is trusted by professionals. The flame retardant cotton and split leather construction combine protection, comfort, and durability. You can use this product during Low to High Amperage welding process. Its versatility supports TIG, MIG, Flux-Core, Stick, Oxyfuel Cutting & Plasma Cutting.

Used By Professionals

  • 75% Leather - the lower and middle portion of each sleeve is constructed premium Black Leather to provide heat resistance and protection from spatter or sparks.

  • 25% FR cotton - the upper portion is made of 9 oz. Flame retardant (FR) cotton for improved arm mobility and comfort.

  • Elastic fit - each sleeve end has an elastic closure design to prevent debris from contacting the arm and to keep the sleeves in position during arm movements.

  • Full coverage - each sleeve is 21" Inches in length to provide full arm coverage for most individuals.

  • Durability - sewn with high strength Thread to prevent rips or tears.

  • Versatility - can be used as a primary arm protection or secondary arm protection.

  • Used by professionals – the proven design has been used by professionals for almost a decade.

#5 Hobart 770570 Flame Retardant- Cotton Welding Sleeves

If you’re looking for 100% cotton, flame-retardant safety sleeves for arms, then this pair is perfect for you. These lightweight pairs provide comfort and protection from spatter and sparks.

  • Flame retardant 100% cotton

  • Sold in pairs

  • Size: 19 inch

#6 MOKEYDOU Kevlar-Sleeves Arm Protection Sleeves with Thumb Hole

Double-Ply construction of these sleeves provides premium cut-, abrasion- and heat resistance. 18″ long and high elasticity conforms to the arm for a snug fit for both man and woman.

  • 100% Kevlar Arm Protection Sleeves

  • Premium Cut Resistant Sleeve: Uses the safety material same with bulletproof clothing. After completed seamless weaving, we deliberately added glass fibers which are good at cut-proof properties to increase its cut-stab-proof performance. The material doesn’t contain any carcinogenic or toxic substances. Please use it with confidence.

  • Double-Ply Protection: Offer extra layer protects, knitted, seamless, and construction conforms to the arm for a snug fit. 18" long and flexibility size not only man but a woman.

  • Stretch Fabric with Thumb Slot Design: To secure their position on the arm of the wearer, making sure that they don't ride up and expose the forearm between the glove and sleeve.

  • Widely Applications: Suit for air conditioning manufacturing, assembly line, cut protection, food service, glass handling, knife chainsaw handling, light heat protection, warehousing, gardening. It helps prevent scrapes and dog cat scratches, cut resistant protection, abrasion resistant, anti-slash, skin Irritations, and Heat Resistant.

  • Highly Flexible, Soft and Lightweight: Our cut resistant sleeves which is the lightweight, flexible operation, not too hard, no sliding. The special high elastic nylon is blended to make the gloves fit your hand so well.

#7 CLAT-ASU 100% Kevlar Protective Sleeves with Finger Opening

These Kevlar arm protective sleeves ensure Your Safety All Over The Working Place! 100% high-quality Kevlar construction makes this product stronger than leather welding sleeves.

CLAT-ASU 100% Kevlar Protective Sleeves with Finger Opening

  • KEVLAR ARM SLEEVES FOR MEN & WOMEN TO COVER ARMS: Cut resistant arm sleeves are for scratches as bulletproof vests are for bullets! These seamlessly stitched arm sleeves are designed to protect your arms from hot oil, burns while doing mechanic works. 

  • USES & FEATURES OF SAFETY SLEEVES: Kevlar arm sleeves are the most versatile tool which works as per your demand. They can be used in heavy duty jobs in glass, metal, construction and automotive industry. You can also use them in outdoor and indoor activities like animal handling or pet grooming.

  • They are easily washable and drip dry no matter how dirty they get. The fabric keeps you arms cool dry while you sweat yourself out in the gym. It can be used with any type of safety gloves & jackets.

  • ATTESTATIONS & CERTIFICATIONS: Eclat-ASU Arm Sleeves are made up of 100% Kevlar by DuPont having EN-388 certifications, which entitle the arm sleeves to give you 3-way protection. It has cut resistant level-4, Tear Level-3, Puncture Level- 1 & Abrasion Level- 2. Work risk free with full confidence & excel your career while being ultimately protected!

  • COMPACT DESIGN & HIGH-QUALITY FABRIC: Compact design of these arm sleeves provides ultimate arm protection to the most exposed parts of your body: hands & arms. High quality fabric keeps it in shape for longer period of times after multiple uses. It keeps the arms dry in hot conditions. The finger opening design makes you get rid of painful blisters while picking heavy tools and keeps your hands as soft as they should be.

#8 BC Precision 22” Black Kevlar Protective Full Arm Sleeves

If you’re looking for welding sleeves to ensure full arm protection, then this pair is perfect for you. These are 22-inch long, extending protection well beyond your elbow.

  • Kevlar, Leather

  • Unlike most sleeves on the market, these are 22” inches long to provide full arm protection extending well beyond the elbow

  • Leather patches for additional protection of the most vulnerable and high wear area of the arms
    Elastic velcro strap at the top to prevent sleeve roll down

  • Comfortable 100% woven 2-ply Kevlar that is highly cut and flame resistant for the most demanding work applications

  • ANSI cut level 4 full arm protection used by mechanics, welders, landscapers, motorcyclists, farmers, veterinarians, or anywhere a serious level of arm protection is neededList Item 3

#9 Tillman 9215- Goatskin/FR Leather Welding Sleeves

Tillman leather welding sleeves 9215 is an awesome low-cost and lightweight option for all-day welding.

  • Kevlar,Cotton,Leather

  • Made of top grain goatskin material from wrist to upper arm, protects key exposure areas from sparks and spatter with less bulk.

  • Royal Blue 9 oz. Fr cotton on upper sleeve.

  • Leather seams are sewn with Kevlar thread for added strength and heat resistance.

  • 2 1/4” wide external elastic secures sleeve to arm.

  • 18” Leather/cotton Length, 22” Total length.

#10 Waylander FR Genuine Split Leather Cowhide- Welding Sleeves For Professional Welders (Regular)

This pair of Kevlar FR welding sleeves is designed for professional welders. It is also great for home use – soldering, gardening, grilling, and woodcutting.

  • Kevlar, Leather

  • FLEXIBLE AND COMFORTABLE WELDING JACKET SLEEVES: Often, all you need are the sleeves, so we created the best pair made with authentic split leather for maximum protection from splatter and sparks, all while giving you unencumbered freedom of movement.

  • ELASTIC ARM BANDS WITH VELCRO CLOSURES END: The last thing you need when you’re concentrating on your welding is for your sleeves to slide down, so our design features bicep Velcro closures for an exact and secure fit.

  • TIGHT-FITTING CUFFS: Elastic cuffs on our welding sleeves for arms close the wrist opening to ensure flying sparks and debris don’t burn you. Now that’s security.

  • KEVLAR STITCHING FOR ADDITIONAL SAFETY: We use only the finest Kevlar thread because of its incredibly high heat tolerance. It complements our split leather hide for extra fire resistant defense. Our Kevlar sleeves are essential for your business.

  • WHEN YOU NEED THE BEST WELDING TOOLS, TRUST WAYLANDER: We make high-quality welding supplies for professional welders, plumbers, auto techs and more. This pair of sleeves is also great for home use – grilling, gardening, wood cutting and soldering.

#11 IRONCAT 7000 Cowhide Leather Welding Cape Sleeves

This welding cape will cover your shoulders and arms. It is great to protect your arms and shoulders from sparks and spatter. Additionally, it’ll keep you cooler than wearing a full welding jacket. Of course, you can pair it with an Ironcat welding apron.

  • Tanned Cape Sleeves: welding cape is designed to provide heat resistance during welding applications, protecting the user from sparks and spatter

  • Design: the cowhide leather jacket includes soapstone storage pockets on each sleeve and adjustable snaps for wrist and collar, making it more functional. This safety jacket is reinforced using additional leather

  • Features: this welding apparel is stitched with strong Kevlar thread that offers heat resistance. The cape jacket can also be coordinated with a weld safety bib

  • Applications: the leather cape is ideal for use in steel mills, shipyards, automotive assembly, gas welding procedures, torch work, manufacturing, and construction industries

  • Specifications: X-large size split leather cape sleeve features a straight 11.5 in. armhole, 24 in. neck opening, 6 in. sleeve opening, 28 in. chest width, 26 in. sleeve length, and 11 in. body lengt

Best Welding Sleeves- My Parting Shots….

By choosing any pair of the best welding sleeves listed here, you can rest assured that you’re getting a good quality product that will ensure your safety and comfort during welding.

Now choose the pair that is right for you!