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Welding Cheater Lens for Helmet- Everything You Need to Know

What is a welding cheater lens? How to install cheater lens in welding helmet? What welding cheater lens is best?

Here’s everything you need to know about welding cheater lenses.

What is a welding cheater lens?

welding cheater lens

These are specially designed lenses that you can insert into your welding helmet to magnify your view to see the work in detail or correct your vision.

Cheater lens uses the same principle as reading glasses that means it features a general graduated magnification. As a result, welders can see their welding seam closer up without adding any other lenses under their helmets.

Many helmets come with the standard lens with an auto-darkening feature. There are cheater lenses that also include this feature. By detecting the heat, brightness of the arc, and power, auto-darkening cheater glasses adjust the tint of the lens accordingly.

Does your welding helmet need glasses?

It is difficult and somewhat uncomfortable to wear eyeglasses under a welding helmet. But it is also important for welders with fading eyesight to wear glasses during the precise welding process (such as TIG welding).

So, why cheater lens is a better choice?

As cheater lenses are special magnifying glasses, they enhance the welder’s view for detailed work and help to manufacture quality welds in general.

There are many advantages of using a cheater lens.

  • This internal lens covers the entire viewing area of the welding helmet lens. So, it keeps your welding area always in focus.
  • It is comfortable to use. This lens fits on the helmet. So, there is no risk of fogging, slippage, or reflection like power glass.
  • It is easy to use. You only need to slide it into the helmets via the clip or little tabs that most of the helmets feature behind its standard vision opening.
  • Cheater lenses are available in different types of materials and most of them are available for under $15.

How to Install Cheater Lens in Welding Helmet

Welding helmet cheater lenses are available in a variety of magnifications or diopter strengths. Many welding helmets and welding hoods come equipped with lens holders or clips to hold the cheater lens.

You can find a welding hood cheater lens or welding helmet cheater lens to fit any brand and model of the welding helmet.

These lenses are very easy to install and remove in a welding helmet or hood. So, it is an equally perfect solution for welders who share their welding helmets on the worksite.

How to Maintain Your Cheater Lenses

Cheater lenses require some basic maintenances that are very straightforward.

  • You need to replace your cheater lens every month. However, the frequencies of replacing this lens depend from welder to welder based on different uses and preferences.
  • Due to materials used and rough conditions, this type of welding lens may become damaged. So, you should inspect it regularly and replace it when needed.
  • For long life and better vision, your cheater lens need to be cleaned properly.

What welding cheater lens is best?

So, are you looking for the best welding cheater lenses?

Here are my recommendations for cheater lens for welding helmets.

#1 Lincoln Electric Cheater Lens | 2.50 Magnification | 2″ Height x 4.25″ Length | Compatible with Most Welding Helmets | KP3046-250

lincoln electric cheater lens

#2 Lincoln Electric Cheater Lens | 2.25 Magnification | 2″ Height x 4.25″ Length | Compatible with Most Welding Helmets | KP3046-225

lincoln electric cheater lens 2.25

#3 2 EACH Welding helmet magnifier/cheater lens, 2 x 4.25, 3.00 diopter, GLASS

2 each welding helmet cheater lens

#4 2 EACH Welding helmet magnifier/cheater lens, 2 x 4.25, 1.50 diopter, GLASS

2 each welding helmet cheater lens 1.50

#5 BEST WELDS Welding helmet magnifier/cheater lens, 2 x 4.25, 3.50 diopter, GLASS

best welds welding helmet cheater lens

#6 Magnifying Welding Helmet Magnifier/Cheater Lens Accessories 1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0 (2.0)

magnifying welding cheater lens

#7 Jackson Safety Welding Helmet Magnifier (Cheater Lens) Adapter for Jackson Safety Passive Welding Helmet (Case of 12), 15974

jackson safety welding helmet cheater lens