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Best Portable Table Saw with Stand-Top 6 Picks

Need a portable table saw? Looking to buy the best one to meet your job site need?

Then, this guide will be helpful to you.

A table saw with stand delivers outstanding portability for a tool that can get the job done, wherever it is.

You can easily transport them from place to place with their wheeled stands.

Unfortunately, it’s quite challenging to find the best portable table saw with stand. There is a chance of being overwhelmed by choices.

Don’t worry!

Our team of carpentry experts has short-listed 6 sought-after models that are ideal for every serious DIY enthusiast and professional alike.

These 6 portable job site table saw are hard to beat.

Check them out!

6 Top-Rated Portable Table Saw with Stand- Comparison Chart

Check out the following chart to compare all the essential specs of our recommended 6 models quickly.

Product Name

Max Rip Capacity (inch)

Dado Capacity


Speed (RPM)

Depth of cut



32.5 (right of blade)

22 (left of blade)

8 x 13/16


2-1/4” (at 45 degree)

3-1/8” (at 90 degree)

Bosch 4100-10

25 (right of blade)

25 (left of blade)



2-1/4” (at 45 degree)

3-1/8” (at 90 degree)


32.5 (right of blade)

22 (left of blade)



2-3/10” (at 45 degree)

3-5/8” (at 90 degree)

Metabo HPT C10RJS

35 (right of blade)

22 (left of blade)

8 x 13/16


2-1/4” (at 45 degree)

3-1/8” (at 90 degree)


25.5 (right of blade)



2-1/4” (at 45 degree)

3-1/8” (at 90 degree)

Delta 36-6023

32.5 (right of blade)

22 (left of blade)

8 x 13/16


2-1/2” (at 45 degree)

3-1/2” (at 90 degree)

Reviews of Our Recommended Best Portable Table Saw with Stand

Our team of experts has invested a significant amount of time into compiling the best models available. We hope that this list and review will make your search for the right portable table saw an easier and more fun one.

We’ve vigorously tested these 6 models to make this comprehensive list. While compiling, we’ve considered some critical parameters, including build quality, motor power, cut capacity, warranty information, and price.

We’ve tried our best to depict how useful different aspects of these models are.
Take your time to read our detailed reviews- we hope you’ll enjoy reading them.

#1 DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw

dewalt 10-inch table saw

Top Features

  • 10-inch 24-tooth carbide blade
  • Rack & Pinion telescoping fence system
  • 15-Amp high torque motor
  • On-board storage system

The top product on our list is the DWE7491RS table saw with a rolling stand from DEWALT- a leading manufacturer of industrial power tools and accessories.

DWE7491RS comes with various features that make it stand out.

This table saw offers 2-1/4 inch depth of cut at 45 degrees and 3-1/8 inch at 90 degrees. Although there’s nothing special with its maximum depth cuts, its overall performance is impressive.

DWE7491RS comes equipped with a 15-amp motor that delivers a maximum speed of 4,800 RPM. It also features a 10-inch 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade. The powerful motor along with the ultra-sharp and durable blade, this saw cuts through even the toughest hardwoods with ease.

It has a rip capacity (to the right of the blade) of 32.5 inches (82.5 cm), which is wider than other table saws available. So you can cut larger boards without a problem. With this wider rip capacity, this saw easily cuts a variety of larger trim and shelving materials.

The rack & pinion fence system makes fence adjustments fast, precise and smooth. The telescoping feature of the fence rails makes it easy to retract to create a small portable package.

No worry about narrow rip cut! The patented flip-over ripping fence allows this to be used for narrow rip cuts. Plus, the 26-1/4-inch X 22-inch tabletop provides superior material support.

Another nice aspect of this model is its on-board storage system. It provides easy access to the blade guard components and other accessories when not in use.

Moreover, two 2.5-inch dust collection ports easily connect to a vacuum for efficient dust extraction for minimal cleanup.

With its 108.6 pounds weight, the unit is somewhat heavy. But the rolling stand includes two large heavy-duty wheels that easily roll over uneven terrain.

The foldable features of this stand make it easy to set up with excellent stability. It also easy to break down for easy transport and storage.


  • Cutting capacity of large and hardwood materials
  • Fast, accurate fence adjustments
  • Wider rip cutting capacity
  • Easy setup and breakdown
  • Efficient dust extraction
  • Superior material support
  • Collapsible and easy to transport
  • Durable construction
  • Quite simple assembly with clear instructions
  • Limited 3- year warranty


  • Somewhat heavy
  • Dust bag not included

*** Dewalt offers you another model: DEWALT (DWE7491RS) 10-Inch Table Saw, 32-1/2-Inch Rip Capacity + DEWALT DW3219PT 10-Inch 80T Fine Crosscutting Saw Blade. This model comes included with 10-Inch 80T Fine Crosscutting Saw Blade. Check it here.


#2 Bosch 4100-10 Tablesaw with GTA47W Gravity-Rise Wheeled Stand

bosch tablesaw with wheeled stand

Top Features

  • 15-amp, 4 max HP motor
  • Modular smart guard system
  • Constant response circuitry with soft start
  • SquareLock rip fence
  • 10-inch carbide-tipped blade
  • Heavy-gauge steel construction
  • Large cast aluminum top
  • Integrated sub-base and carry handles
  • Patented gravity-rise design
  • 8-inch solid wheels with rubberlike tires

The next product on our list is the Bosch 4100-10 table saw with portable folding table stand. This model will be the top option for a heck of many professional carpenters and hobbyists when it comes to buying one of the productive tools to install in professional or DIY uses.

Bosch 4100-10 is exceptionally well-engineered, and everything is rock solid as a result. It is job site ready with heavy-duty gauge steel construction and 10- inch carbide-tipped blade. It can perform cross-cutting, rip cutting, and other tasks in job site or your garage.

It delivers professional rip capacity and outstanding productivity. The powers come from the 15-amp motor that produces 3650 rpm, 4.0 max HP. That sort of capability is enough for rip-cutting and cross-cutting of fine and rough materials with ease.

It’s worth noting that the integrated sub-base offers long-lasting stability and durability of the system.

Importantly, it incorporates soft-start circuitry to reduce initial torque for a smooth and risk-free startup. It also reduces the possibility of tripping a circuit breaker. What’s more, the constant response circuitry of this model maintains constant speed under load and offers overload protection.

The tabletop is sturdy and finely made from cast aluminum to provide a 29 X 21.5-inch square workspace. With its rip capacity of 25-inch for left and right angles, you can rip up to 4 feet wide stock. The maximum depth of a cut at 90 degrees is 3-1/8 inches.

You can easily glide through the workpiece along the rail with one hand. Thanks to its square lock rip fence that offers excellent ease of use and enhanced clamping. Plus, the miter gauge and scale ensure the precision of your work.

Safety concern?

No worry, its modular smart guard system features a blade guard, riving knife, anti-kickback pawls. All these components provide superior control of the materials while cutting and protecting. The guard assembly prevents blade contact while allowing a clear view of the cut.

This is not the end…..

The restart protection helps to avoid accidental startup. Additionally, the arbor lock makes blade changing tasks easy. Plus, you can adjust the height of the riving knife independently in three positions.

What’s about portability?

Simply to say, best design on a portable table saw!

The lighter GTA47W gravity rise design with one release makes the unit easy to set up and take down. The collapsible stand makes transferring the system from one job site to another easy. It is also great for compact storage.

The solid 8-inch treaded rubber composite tires glide over the rough terrain easily. Besides, it includes integrated carry handles for increased portability.

To sum it up: The Bosch 4100-10 is a pretty decent table saw with a folding stand.


  • Plenty of power to work well under a load
  • Overload and restart protective
  • Easy blade changing option
  • Well-built, rugged, and durable
  • Easy to set up and takedown
  • Safe to use
  • Larger, solid wheels for easy transport
  • 1-year limited manufacturer warranty


Limited fence distance to the left of the blade.

#3 SKILSAW SPT99-11 10″ Heavy Duty Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand

skilsaw worm drive table saw with stand

Top Features

  • Best-in-class dual-field 15-amp 3 HP motor
  • 24-tooth 10-inch carbide blade
  • Smart guard system and miter gauge
  • Rack and pinion fence system
  • Worm drive gearing
  • Dust port elbow
  • Rugged stand with 16-inch wheels

SPT99-11 is the latest addition to SKILSAW’s table-saw lineup. It is one of the best portable tables saw for the money.

Its heavy-duty worm drive gearing system delivers superior torque, smoother and cooler operation. It is a very powerful saw that cuts like crazy even in hardwood.

15-amp motor with no-load 5000 RPM and durable 10-inch 24-tooth carbide-tipped blade tackles the most difficult tasks. It produces smooth rip cuts, precise crosscuts, and more. It tears through plywood and slice 4X with precision and ease. This saw also works with hard, soft, and engineered woods.

It can produce an aggressive 3-5/8 inches depth of cut when set at 90-degree and 2-3/10 inches when set at 45-degree. It has a maximum rip capacity of 30-1/2 inches to the right of the blade.

Conveniently, the rack and pinion mechanism makes the fence adjustment quick, easier, and smooth. It holds in place better during cuts and provides better accuracy.

SPT99-11 also features Outfeed and left side support that allows cutting larger materials by one person.

SKILSAW’s patented Dual-Field motor offers better heat dissipation for enhanced durability. It keeps the motor cool through continuous cuts so it can work harder and longer.

This model also includes a dust elbow for minimal cleanup. The dust port connects to a standard 2.5 inches vacuum hose.

The 30″ x 34″ table is made of lightweight aluminum that delivers dependable stability. The ruggedly-built stand with 16-inch wheels makes the unit easy to move anywhere it needs to set up. The easy-load handles and larger set of wheels allow you to roll over it across rocky, uneven and even muddy paths.


  • Heavy-duty and powerful
  • Well-built and long-lasting
  • Easy to assemble out of the box
  • Quick and easy adjustment for accurate cuts
  • Perfect for cutting large material.
  • Delivers unsurpassed mobility
  • Limited 1-year warranty


  • Heavier than the average portable table saw.
  • Poor assembly instructions

***SKILSAW offers you another excellent model- SPT99-12 that comes with a higher tooth Diablo blade. Click here to buy Skilsaw SPT99-12 10″ Heavy Duty Portable Folding Worm Drive Table Saw with Stand.

skilsaw spt99-12

#4 Metabo HPT C10RJS Jobsite Table Saw

Metabo jobsite table saw

Top Features

  • 10-inch 40-tooth carbide tipped blade
  • 15-amp direct-drive motor
  • Soft start and electric brake
  • Overload protection for automatic shutoff
  • 28-3/4-inch x 22-inch working area

Looking for the most compact portable table saw on the market with excellent rip capacity?

Then, take a look at Metabo HPT C10RJS.

It is a fantastic job site table saw with Fold & Roll Stand to have whether you are an average DIYer or a contractor. This user-friendly tool is an ideal choice for any workshop or job site.

This model comes equipped with a 10-inch 40-tooth carbide-tipped blade and a 15-amp direct drive motor that produces 4500 RPMs. It is designed for cross-cutting and rip-sawing of plywood, hardwood, ordinary wood, and composite wood materials. It is capable of a 2-1/4″ cut at 45 degrees and 3-1/8″ cut at 0- degrees.

It offers a maximum rip capacity of 35-inch to the right and 22-inch to the left. The 28-3/4″ x 22″ large working table with telescoping extension supports the larger materials.

The soft-start function prevents recoils and reduces starling noise that the motor might produce. Turning the motor on is also a breeze with a front located oversized push button.

Notably, the power switch is located at knee level that facilitates immediate shut-down as an added safety and overload protection.

When it comes to building quality, this bad boy can stand the rigors of the most challenging job sites. Thanks to its solid and rugged construction.

Metabo HPT C10RJS includes a fold & roll stand. The sturdy legs of the stand ensure accurate cuts with less wobble while in use. Of course, each leg has a rubber foot for added stability and protects the floor from scratches.

What’s more, the legs are foldable for easy setup, breakdown and transport. The stand also incorporates wheels to ensure easy maneuverability through tough terrain with ease.

You can use the underside of the table as onboard storage for the accessories included in the package.


  • Tackles the toughest cutting applications
  • Excellent rip capacity
  • Compact design for easy storage and portability
  • Stable and safe to use
  • Easy setup and breakdown
  • 2-year warranty


  • Finding replacement parts can be challenging.

#5 SAWSTOP JSS-120A60 10-Inch Jobsite Saw Pro with Mobile Cart Assembly

sawstop jobsite saw with mobile cart assembly

Top Features

  • 15- amp, 4 HP motor
  • Patented safety system
  • High-low T-shaped fence with ErgoLock
  • One-turn elevation for raising and lowering the blade
  • Quick-Tilt adjustment
  • Micro adjustment mechanism on the blade tilt
  • On-board storage drawer for accessories
  • Active dust collection guard
  • 9 feet cord

The SawStop JSS-120A60 is a revolutionary job site table saw that offers unmatched safety and performance for the professional.

Sawstop is one of the few manufacturers out there that had incorporated class-leading safety systems into power tools. JSS-120A60 is one of the world’s safest saws wherever the job takes you.

JSS-120A60 Jobsite Saw Pro is an upgraded model that meets the needs of the most demanding construction professionals. It is designed to work faster, smarter and safer at your job site.

Blade stops on contact with skin!

Yes, you’ve heard that right.

The selling-point of this model is its patented blade safety system. The spinning blade stops spinning in less than five milliseconds of skin detection. The blade also drops into the table as soon as it stops spinning, which minimizes a potentially life-threatening injury.

JSS-120A60 can cut even the thickest and toughest stock accurately and efficiently. At 45-degree it offers 2-1/8 inch cutting depth while it is 3-1/8 inch at 90-degree. It also has a maximum rip capacity of 25-1/2 inch. Thanks to its 15-amp 4 peak HP motor and 10-inch blade.

This model comes with several user-friendly features. The oversized start-stop panel is easy to find, even in an emergency. Its one-turn elevation lets you raise and lower the blade in a single turn.

What’s more, the Quick-tilt adjustment allows the blade to tilt quickly and easily to the ideal angle in a 1-degree increment. Plus, its table depth is 24-5/8 inches. A deeper table means it offers easier cutting of larger materials with better accuracy.

Another nice feature of this unit is its T-style fence with ERGOLOCK. It slides smoothly and locks firm with one touch. You can extend the On-Demand shelf for added support. Moreover, the low fence and deeper fence face ensure the safer cutting of thin materials.

JSS-120A60 Pro weighs 137 pounds with stand. But that’s not to say it is a bad choice for portability. Its included mobile cart makes the unit easy to use and transport. The simple and intuitive foot pedal helps you to collapse the cart.

Moreover, the 8-inch large multi-terrain wheels make the unit easy to roll over the variable surfaces of a worksite.

The on-board storage drawer helps you keep accessories organized for quick use and protected when not used. Besides, the overall compact size of the unit allows convenient storage in your garage, truck, or trailer.

Finally, it includes an active dust collection guard for impressive dust management.

Although it is heavier than most of the table saws of its class, the heavier weight makes it much more stable when cutting sheets of ply.


  • Easy to set up and maneuver
  • Revolutionary safety measure
  • Designed for easier and safer cutting of larger workpieces
  • Innovative and user-friendly design
  • Excellent dust management
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Well-built and durable
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Expensive
  • Pretty heavy

#6 Delta 36-6023 10 Inch Table Saw

delta 10-inch table saw

Top Features

  • Powerful 15-amp contractor-grade motor
  • Rack and pinion fence rails
  • 2.5-inch dust collection port
  • Rolling stand with wheels

Delta 36-6023 is designed for the demands of the professional user and serious craftsman.

The 15-amp motor delivers 5,000 RPM for a more efficient and easier crosscutting and ripping. It maximizes precision, durability, and mobility.

With its maximum rip capacity, you can cut larger workpieces. The right rip fence is extendable up to 32 1/2″, while the left rip capacity reaches up to 22 1/2″. It can also produce bevel cuts 2-1/2 inches at 45 degrees and 3-1/2 inches at 90 degrees. It also offers 13/16 in. X 8 in. stacked dado capacity.

Delta 36-6023 offers the precision you demand. It features a heavy-duty one-piece rail system. This newly designed fence system ensures consistent and true cuts every time. It incorporates a unique design that allows you to cut narrow pieces of stock.

The rack-and-pinion system is designed for fast, smooth and easier rip fence adjustment.

Large tabletop, tubular steel frame, along with the folding stand, this saw provides you with the stability needs for those large cuts. The tabletop is specially coated to prevent friction. It also prevents your workpiece from slipping while you’re cutting on it.

The 2.5-inch dust collection port lets you easily connect to a vacuum for efficient dust extraction for a clean and healthy work environment.

The rolling stand is compact and collapsible for easy transport and storage. It comes with larger wheels that make the unit easy to roll over stony and uneven paths.

Finally, this bad boy is backed by a 5-year generous warranty that ensures the long-term life of this power tool.


  • Very well engineered and designed
  • Innovative fence system
  • Sturdy and stable
  • Fast, smooth, and accurate fence adjustments
  • Fairly straight forward assembly
  • Easy to move around and fold for storage


  • It doesn’t include a miter gauge.

So, which is the best portable table saw with stand to get?

These 6 top choices for the best portable table saw with stand will enable you to work well on different projects without breaking the bank. And without you needing a crane to get the saw into your job site!

No matter which one you pick from our list, you’ll enjoy your projects.

We hope this review was helpful to you in finding the right one to meet your woodworking need.

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