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Best Cordless Router for Woodworking- Top 5 Picks

Cordless woodworking router is a dream tool for many woodworkers and carpenters.

There are several reasons why this cordless or battery-powered version is so desirable.

The first and foremost reason is it’s not limited to the availability of wired electricity. For working in a remote area where an electrical outlet is far away from your job site, this cordless version is a practical solution.

Secondly, it gives the freedom to move around workpieces without dealing with the cord. This tool also eliminates the risk of the cord being cut accidentally while in session.

While there are numerous options from top-rated router brands, it can get quite confusing for you to make the final call.

On this account, I am here to guide you to find the best cordless router for woodworking. With our top 5 recommendations and in-depth reviews, you can easily narrow down your choices.

So without further ado, let’s dive into our top 5 list and cordless router reviews.

5 Best Cordless Routers for WoodworkingComparison Chart

If you are in a hurry, you can check the following chart to quickly compare our reviewed 5 models.

Product Name

No Load Speed (RPM)


Collet Diameter (inch)




16,000 to 25,500



DeWalt 20V Max

Makita XTR01Z

10,000 to 30,000



Makita 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2723-20

10,000 to 31,000



Milwaukee M18 RedLithium

Bosch GKF12V-25N




Bosch 12V

Ryobi P601 One+




Ryobi 18V

5 Best Cordless Router Reviews

For heavier jobs, a full-size corded router is a must. But having a cordless compact trim router is more appealing as a secondary one.

To determine the following 5 top contenders from numerous options, we’ve compared features, ergonomics, performance, run time, and price.

All the models we’ve tested had speedy charging and sufficient battery life to handle most jobs. So, you don’t need to be worried about run time.

What’s more important, when it comes to power, our selected models can go toe-to-toe with their corded counterparts.

#1 DEWALT DCW600B, 20V MAX XR Cordless Router (Tool Only)

dewalt cordless router

Top Features

  • Soft start motor
  • Variable speed dial
  • Electronic brake system
  • Unique depth adjustment ring
  • Quick-release clamp
  • Dual LED lights

DeWalt is a leading American brand that focuses on providing fairly high-end tools. Their hand tools such as stud finder, impact socket, pliers, etc, and power tools such as air compressor, grinders, nailers, impact driver, ratchet wrenches, demolition hammer, etc are likely some of the best out there.

DeWalt is the brand that makes sure you’re not only satisfied with the product you bought but also impressed with the features it offers.

DCW600B is an excellent choice for a cordless version that won’t let you down. This little gem earns consistently high ratings. And it is easy to see why this DEWALT compact router is such a popular choice to many woodworking enthusiasts.

This unit comes with several features that many of the models of its class do not possess.

First of all, this 20-volt router provides power like a compact corded model while providing the convenience and portability of a cordless tool.

The exclusive motor is a big part of the draw for this model. Its soft start mechanism prevents startling jolts when you turn the tool on.

 DCW600B is designed for perfection. The motor produces 16,000 to 25,500 rotations per minute. This variable speed lets you set the motor’s speed depending on the application. Thus it ensures the precision of your work.

Additionally, there is a full-time electronic speed control that allows the motor to maintain speed during cuts.

Turning the router off is fast and safe. The exemplary electronic brake system is really cool. It stops the motor pretty quickly, eliminating the bits’ free spin for a safer shut-off.

DeWalt goes for a unique adjustment ring for depth changes. It allows you to set the height according to your needs. Bit adjustment is straightforward- just open the clamp and twist.

One of the WOW features of this fixed base router is its quick-release clamp. It helps you to remove the base easily for changing the bit.

The diameter and grip design are awesome too. It is comfortable to hold- especially for guys with a large hand. Moreover, the strategically placed power button is easy to access as you turn it ON and OFF.

The dual LEDs do a fine job of illuminating the work surface around the bit. You’ll appreciate its flexible rubber dust cover that keeps debris from getting inside it.

With this DeWalt trim router, you won’t need to look for a wall socket or struggle to pull a cord as you work. A top-notch 20V Dewalt battery powers it.

Notably, the battery is on the top instead of the side that ensures better balanced and control.

Overall, as a go-to cordless router, DEWALT DCW600B is hard to beat.

Warranty: 3 years with 90-day money-back guarantee and 1-year service agreement


  • Plenty of power for most routing tasks
  • Easy and fast height adjustments
  • Variable-speed control for increased precision
  • Easy and fast bit adjustment and base changing
  • Solid design; very straightforward to operate
  • LED lighting for a superior bit and cork surface visibility
  • Quieter and well balanced
  • Safer shut-down with electronic brake


  • Tool only; no batteries included
  • Price is quite a bit higher than many other models of its class.

#2 Makita Cordless Router- XTR01Z

makita cordless compact router
makita XTR01Z cordless router

Top Features

  • Makita BL Brushless Motor with Soft start feature
  • Variable speed control dial
  • Aluminum housing and base
  • Rack and pinion fine depth adjustment system
  • On/Off button with separate lock button
  • Quick-release cam lock system
  • Two LED lights

Makita is a top brand name for making high-quality power tools. It has a massive selection of corded and cordless tools- drills, impact wrenches, ratchet wrenches, and a lot more.

Makita is the first brand that introduces 18V lithium-ion cordless tools. Their cordless power tools come with excellent batteries and a revolutionary LXT System that offer unmatched power, speed, run time, and tool life. The Makita XTR01Z Cordless Router is no different.

Makita XTR01Z is a very nice alternative to corded models. This battery-powered model provides you with a similar performance to its corded version. It is a fantastic tool to supplement your larger models for lighter-duty tasks.

DIY enthusiasts and jobsite carpenters can benefit from this tool. Whether it’s standard trim work, custom built-in, or just wrapping up a punch list, you can get the job done with this best trim router.

The lucrative part of this model is its exclusive brushless motor. It runs cooler and more efficiently for longer life. Reportedly, it offers up to 50% more service life than a brushed motor.

The XTR01Z is a great addition to a full range of trim, woodworking, and cabinetry applications. It has plenty of power to handle small to medium routing applications.

The motor can produce 30,000 RPM top speed for making edge routing fast. And you can drop the speed to 10,000 RPM to slow things down a bit. This way, its variable speed control meets the demands of the applications.

Notably, the variable speed dial is in easy view and reach during use.

The soft-start mechanism of the motor ensures a smoother start-up and better accuracy. The electronic speed control maintains constant speed under load.

This model uses blister buttons. There is also an additional button that you have to engage before turning on the power button. This impressive safety feature prevents accidental start-up for the user and workpiece protection.

A quick-release cam lever lets you adjust or remove the base. For micro-adjustments, it uses rack-and-pinion fine depth adjustment system. It allows you to dial more precise settings. In fact, the rack-and-pinion system blows away most of the competitor’s adjustments.

Makita XTR01Z uses ¼-inch shank bits and has a plunge capacity of 0 to 1-3/8 inches with a plunge base attached.

Now it’s time to talk about its ergonomics and convenience.

The slim barrel diameter has an excellent over-mold design. The rubber over-mold grip of this router really stands out. It is solid and comfortable which helps with precision work.

The aluminum base and housing add to its durability and accuracy. You’ll also appreciate its easy-to-read etched Imperial and Metric depth scales.

Two bright and well-placed LED lights offer you an excellent view of the bit and your work surface from various angles. There is a separate electronic switch to control the lights.

 You can easily connect it to a Makita vacuum cleaner with optional dust nozzles for improved dust extraction.

Switch to Makita corded router to cordless version is less painful. The bases of this model are fully compatible with Makita RT0700C and RT0701C. So, if you’re a user of these two models, you can easily switch to XTR01Z if needed.

18V Lithium-Ion slide-style battery powers XTR01Z. The runtime is impressive, to say the least. It delivers 50% more battery power. That means you can continue using your router for longer without worrying about recharging it.

Of course, it has the fastest charge time.

Notably, the battery pack is located on top of the unit, which makes sense for balance since this is a sliding tool.

Although XTR01Z is mentioned as a “bare tool” (battery and charger not included), it is not quite as bare as most “tool only” models, either. It comes included with a 1/4-inch collet, Spanner wrench, Straight guide, and Template guide.

Warranty: 3 years

To sum it up: Once you get and use XTR01Z, you might wonder why you didn’t make the switch

Good news!

makita xtr01t7 cordless compact router kit

For professionals, Makita offers XTR01T7 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless Compact Router Kit. It includes router ((XTR01Z), Spanner Wrench, 5.0Ah Battery, Rapid Optimum Charger, 1/4″ Collet, Straight Guide, Plunge Base, and Case. Although it is expensive, its performance makes you forget about paying a lot more for it.

makita xtr01t8j cordless compact router starter kit

Makita also offers XTR01T8J 18V LXT LithiumIon Brushless Cordless Router Starter Kit that includes one 5.0Ah battery, rapid charger, fixed base, straight guide, and hard case.


  • Offers more versatile speed from 10,0000 to 30,000 rpm
  • Faster and more accurate cuts in a variety of materials
  • Well-thought design; safe to use
  • Built-in electronics to control speed, maintain torque and RPM under load
  • Convenient fine depth adjustments and base installation/removal
  • Ergonomically designed, slim body for increased comfort
  • Perfect weight and well balanced


  • Battery and charger not included
  • Fine adjustment is trickier, so it takes some time to get used to.
  • The dust shroud attachment is weak and needs to be revamped.

#3 Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2723-20 Compact Router (Bare Tool)

milwaukee compact router

Top Features

  • Power state brushless motor
  • REDLINK PLUS™ Intelligence
  • Micro-Adjustment Dial for fine adjustments
  • Macro-Adjustment Button prevents slop
  • Variable-speed dial
  • Tool-free spindle lock
  • Sturdy 4-inch sub-base plate
  • A pair of LED lights
  • Dust extraction attachment

Milwaukee 2723-20 M18 fuel is one of the strongest and fastest handheld routers on the market. It combines speed, power, and precise depth adjustments for clean, accurate cuts in a wide range of materials and applications.

This cordless version performs like a corded model. It can generate 1.25 horsepower when paired with an M18 battery. So you can trim the toughest materials worry-free.

The brushless motor produces 10,0000 rpm in the lowest setting while it is best-in-class 31,000 rpm at the highest setting. That means it provides you with the speed and power for high-quality, clean cuts, even in hard materials.

2723-20 includes an easy-to-reach variable speed dial so that you can set or adjust your desired speed conveniently.

You’ll be impressed with the power and performance of this tool. It can cut up to 250 feet of 3/8-inch round overs in red-oak without dropping performance. Thanks to its M18 Redlithium XC5.0 battery that provides you all-day run time with fewer trips to the charger.

The unit weighs 4.63 pounds with the battery. The combination of the right weight, barrel diameter, and overmold grip makes this tool comfortable to use. Plus, the included 4-inch sub-base plate provides you with stability.

Milwaukee 2723-20 router offers the depth adjustments that some of the high-end trim routers have. The macro-adjustment allows a 1.5-inch of adjustable range. At the same time, the micro setting allows precise adjustment beyond 1/64-inch increments. You’ll really like how easy this is to use.

For fast and accurate depth adjustments, it includes a micro-adjust dial and macro-adjust button. The micro-adjustment dial is located right beneath the on/off switch. Likewise, the macro-adjustment push-button is on the clamp which makes switching bases or large adjustments simple and easy.

You’ll also like the etched measurement guide into the barrel. Like a sticker or paint scale, it won’t wear off.

The viewing cutout of this model is best-in-class. It features a pair of LED lights that does a nice job of illuminating the work surface.

Notably, this “tool only” package comes with a 1/4-inch collet, 5 3/4-inch template sub-base plate, a 4-inch round base plate, and a collet wrench.

This model is compatible with an offset base and plunge base. (sold separately).

If its features and capabilities sound like it’ll be a good fit for your woodworking needs, pick it. You won’t regret it. It is one of the best cordless trim routers, without question.

Warranty: 5 years


  • Engineered for easy, efficient routing
  • Powerful to run under load
  • Clean, accurate cuts in a variety of materials and applications
  • Variable speed from 10,000 rpm to 31,000 rpm
  • Higher SPM to complete cuts in hardwoods
  • Cuts up to 250 ft per charge
  • Fastest bit speed and excellent runtime
  • Best-in-class bit depth adjustments
  • Impressive sightline to the bit
  • Precise control for clean cuts and details
  • Very good ergonomics, comfortable to use
  • Over-discharge, over-load, and over- heating protective
  • Generous warranty coverage


  • Bare tool; battery not included

#4 Bosch 12V Max EC Brushless Palm Edge Router, GKF12V-25N (Bare Tool)

bosch palm edge router

Top Features

  • Easy to reach On/off switch
  • Easy-change spindle lock
  • Depth setting lock knob
  • Fast macro depth adjustment
  • Easy fine depth adjustment
  • Fine adjustment of 0.04″ per dial revolution
  • Drop-detection sensor
  • Finger barriers

If you need a cordless router only for light edge routing and trimming, Bosch GKF12V-25N is designed to do it.

This Palm Edge Router comes with a unique offset design. The cordless design makes this router the best choice for hassle-free and comfortable edge routing and trimming.

The EC Brushless motor produces a maximum of 13,000 rpm. This 12V Max-class tool provides excellent runtime. It performs up to 23 feet of round-over routing per amp-hour of battery charge.

Most importantly, the motor automatically adjusts the power with the load. All thanks to its Constant Speed Circuitry.

You’ll appreciate its lightweight, well-balanced design. It weighs much less than most compact routers. Of course, the shape of the unit is much different from standard cordless models.

Its gripping area is positioned over the workpiece which offers maximum stability when trimming and edge-forming. The rubber overmold offers comfort and helps maintain your grip.

Depth adjustments are pretty simple with its versatile adjustment system. There’s a large asymmetrical base that makes it incredibly easy to guide.

The button on the left side releases the base for the coarse depth setting. For fine adjustments, there is a thumbwheel. Conveniently, the twist knob on the right side locks the base at the depth you set.

What happens if you drop it?

One noteworthy feature is its drop-detection sensor. The motor automatically stops as soon as it senses a drop. It includes a finger barrier that prevents accidental finger contact with the collet and bit area for user protection.

Bosch GKF12V-25N comes included with a ¼-inch self-releasing collet chuck and forged collet chuck wrench.

This compact router is not designed to do what your 18V or corded models can do with a shorter runtime. It is a light-duty palm or edge router. But for job site carpenters, it is an excellent tool for wrapping up trimming and edging. Its power, balance, ergonomics, and control- all match well to the edge routing tasks.

Warranty: 1-year limited


  • Unique ergonomic design
  • Extremely stable and controllable
  • Lightweight, easy to maneuver
  • Long-lasting and easy to replace battery pack
  • Quick and easy bit change
  • Battery indicator to display the current charge
  • Quick and precise adjustments
  • Easy to reach power switch while holding the unit
  • Finger support pockets for enhanced control
  • Rubberized grip for a comfortable hold and reduced fatigue


  • Bare-tool; the battery and charger are sold separately. (No kits or combos available)
  • No dust collection shroud or attachment

#5 Ryobi P601 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless Fixed Base Trim Router (Tool Only)

ryobi p601 one+ cordless trim router

Top Features

  • Micro-depth adjustment dial
  • Quick-release lever for easy base removal
  • Die-cast base
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Over-molded, micro-textured “GRIPZONE”

Ryobi P601 One+ is a great way for DIY enthusiasts to get started with cordless routing. For less than half the price of some battery-powered routers, Ryobi brings cordless convenience in your hand.P601 runs off of Ryobi’s 18V line, and it is a great addition to their ONE+ family.

Although it doesn’t come with all the attractive and additional features of some high-end models, it offers an inexpensive entry into the world of cordless routing.

But no worry! The features that it comes packed with will meet your routing needs.

Firstly, its micro-adjustment dial is extremely useful for setting the precise depth needed for the hinges. Secondly, it includes a quick-release lever for easy base removal and depth adjustment. Conveniently, the built-in LED lights provide a pretty good sightline to the bit and your work surface for increased visibility during the routing process.

Ryobi 18V One+ has a traditional router design. The battery area looks somewhat awkward. But our testing team find nothing to complain about its balance. It sits nicely in your palm and is well balanced once the battery is inserted.

The over-molded, micro-textured “GRIPZONE” is easy and comfortable to grip. It maintains a firm grip that ensures precision handling, even in slippery conditions.

The depth adjustments are agreeably easy. Plus, there is a quick-release clamp that opens up the base. The release button takes care of macro adjustments while a thumbwheel handles micro adjustments.

The base cutout and spindle lock position allow you to change the bit without removing the base if you like.

It’s worth noting that this model has only one speed- 29,000 rpm. This is a good choice for working with soft to medium woods. Unfortunately, without variable speed controls, there’s not a whole lot you can do with it. Its motor is brushed rather than the brushless ones that you find on expensive models.

Overall, anybody from the DIY enthusiast to professional carpenter will find this no-cord tool extremely useful for trimming soft to medium woods. If you’re already on the Ryobi 18V ONE+ product line, this cordless router will be a great addition to your tool arsenal.

Warranty: Limited 3-year warranty and a 90-day exchange policy


  • Designed for trimming soft and medium woods
  • Easy depth adjustment
  • Lightweight and well-balanced
  • Slip-resistant grip; safe to use
  • Provides pretty good sightline to the bit and your material
  • Easy depth adjustments
  • Accepts 1/4 in. shank router bits
  • Affordable price


  • No variable speed
  • Removing the base is trickier than some other models
  • Not designed for more serious work, you may run into issues with some bits in harder woods.
  • At the end of extended periods of use, the router gets quite warm.

So, Which One Is the Best Cordless Router to Pick?

Our reviewed five models are all top contenders.

So, you can pick any of these models that best meets your needs.

After getting an insight into our cordless router reviews, we hope you will face no difficulty while buying one.

Refer to this review, your buying experience will be as easy as a walk in the park.