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Best Plasma Cutter for Metal Art- 9 Top-Rated Choices

For cutting shapes and details in metal quickly, a plasma cutter is a cool tool. Making clean and precise cuts on metal for creative projects by using a plasma cutter is easier than ever. But you need the best plasma cutter for metal art.

No need to worry!

I’ve shortlisted the 9 most popular choices of best plasma cutters for art that are often used by artists.

Check out my comprehensive list and pick up a state-of-the-art plasma cutter today and save time and money!

9 Top-Rated Options for the Best Plasma Cutter for Metal Art

Choosing the right plasma cutter for art is quite challenging. There are several things that make some models better for metal arts than others.

The plasma cutting machines that I’ve listed here are tested by our experts. We also emphasized real user ratings.

Whether you’re a hobbyist or professional sculptor, you’ll find the right one to make real your imagination into the metal.

#1 S7 CUT50 Plasma Cutter, 50A 110/220V, Max Cutting Thickness 20MM

best plasma cutter for metal art


  • Arc starting: Touch metal
  • Power Voltage: 90V-260V/50-60HZ
  • Automatic Dual Voltage / Dual Frequency: 110/230 V 50/60Hz
  • Rated Input Capacity:4.8 KVA
  • Current Range:20A-50A
  • Duty Cycle: 85% -100%
  • Ideal Clean Cut: 1/3″
  • Clean cut thickness: 1/2” @220/240V
  • Max Cutting Thickness 20MM
  • Max Severance Thickness: 3/4″ @ 220/240V, 2/5″ @110/120V

The S7 CUT50 Plasma Cutter is our number one recommendation for cutting metal for art. It is also ideal for farm work, fabrication work, auto body repairs, and factory maintenance.
For light-duty small business projects and home DIY jobs, it is an excellent choice. For the price, you really can’t beat S7 CUT50 easily! It does indeed cut!

Why Choose S7 CUT50 Plasma Cutter?

High power output for thick metal cutting

The optimized design based on state-of-the-art MOSFET/IGBT transistors provides high power output for thick metal cutting. It also provides steady output for thin metal cutting.

Especially useful for continuous cutting on dirty metal or rough surfaces

S7 CUT50 is perfect to cut alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, mild steel, etc. Conveniently, it can cut through painted, rough, and rusty metals while producing minimal slag. Notably, the unit uses non-hazardous compressed air to cut at low cost and safe.

More Reliable, Consistent Cut

This dual voltage plasma cutter can produce a consistent cut. Thanks to its high-frequency arc starting. Moreover, it produces cleaner cuts means you won’t need to spend extra time on cleaning.

Comes with every accessory

It comes straight out of the box with every accessory you need to get started right now. You won’t find a better plasma cutter than S7 CUT50 straight out of the box.

Package includes:

  • Plasma cutter (fixed 220v power plug) (1)
  • 240V to 120V power plug adaptor conversion cord (1)
  • 4M S7 universally cutting torch (1)
  • Earth clamp (1)
  • High-quality air regulator (1)
  • Plasma cutting consumables common (20pcsx)
  • Manual (1)


  • Efficient and versatile cutting performance
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Better cutting quality
  • Compact and portable
  • Longer consumable life
  • 3-years Warranty


  • The instruction manual is not clear.

FAQs about S7 CUT50

Will a pancake air compressor work with this unit?

A pancake compressor doesn’t have the volume of air to maintain longer cuts. However, ordinary compressors can be used together.

Will it cut 3/8-inch aluminum?


#2 LOTOS LT5000D 50A Air Inverter Plasma Cutter, 110/220V AC

lotos lt5000d air inverter plasma cutter


  • Input Voltage: 110-220V, 1-PH, 50/60 Hz
  • Input current: 110-220V, 1-PH, 20 A
  • Output current: 10-50amp
  • Max Rated Clean Cut Thickness: 1/2″ (12mm)
  • Max Severance Thickness: 3/4″ (19mm)
  • Duty Cycle @ 104-degree F (40-degree C): 60% @50A
  • Recommended Gas Inlet Flow Rate / Pressure: 3.6 scfm @ 65 psi

LOTOS LT5000D is a non-touch pilot arc plasma cutter. With rated cut 1/2 inch steel, it can provide smooth results on thin sheet metal. This cutting result is typically perfect for plasma cutting metal art.

Lotos Technology is one of the largest manufacturers of Arc (MMA), TIG/Stick, plasma cutting, and welding equipment in the industry. They offer an extensive range of plasma cutting machines for home and industrial uses.

Why Choose LOTOS LT5000D Plasma Cutter?

Robust and heavy-duty

LT5000D is perfect for any home or DIY project. But it can withstand the uses in light-duty small business projects. Thanks to its well-thought design and robust construction.

Increased efficiency

Due to the employment of Inverter Technology, the weight and dimensions of the main transformer are significantly reduced. But the efficiency of this unit is increased by 30%.

Strong cutting performance

This compact plasma cutter delivers strong cutting performance. The optimized design based on MOSFET transistors gives high power output for thick metal cutting. It also provides steady output for thin metal cutting.

The maximum cutting thickness for mild steel is 5/8-inch (16mm) @50A, for stainless steel and aluminum is ½-inch (12mm)@50A.

Automatic dual voltage

It is a 50A dual voltage 110/220V AC digital inverter plasma cutter.

Faster cutting with less distortion

This high-frequency DC plasma cutting machine cuts thicker materials than standard DC plasma cutters. It cuts faster with less distortion in the workpiece.

Notably, by using Pulse-Width-Modulation (PWM) technology, the inverter power supply of this unit produces powerful DC currents.

Low profile torch head

This low-profile torch head design makes it perfect for using in tight spaces. You can move the torch trigger for a custom fit. It can be used on thumb or finger positions.

Package Includes

  • Plasma cutter (1)
  • Plasma cutting torch (1): 9’9″ long, 3 prong
  • Ground clamp & cable (1): 6’8″ long
  • Air filter & regulator (1) that regulates 0~150psi
  • Air hose connections (6): 4 clamps, 2 couplers
  • Air hose (1)


  • Perfect for home and light-duty business uses
  • Low profile torch head for using tight spaces
  • Compact but powerful cutting performance
  • Requires less cleaning and maintenance
  • 1-year warranty


  • Not for cutting rusty/ painted metal

FAQs about LT5000D Plasma Cutter

How does LT5000D differ from LTP5000D?

LT5000D does not have a pilot arc which means the torch needs to touch the surface of your metal workpiece. On the other hand, LTP5000D is a pilot arc plasma cutter meaning the torch tip won’t touch the metal surface while cutting.

The advantage of a non-touch pilot arc plasma cutter is it can efficiently cut painted, rusty and rough surfaces and produces less slag.

Will LT5000D work with a 30 amp breaker?

It requires a 50 amp breaker under 110v and a 40 amp breaker under 220V..

#3 Hynade HYC45D 115/230V Inverter Metal Plasma Cutter

hyc45d inverter metal plasma cutter


  • Input voltage: AC 115V/230V
  • Output Voltage: 90V(115V), 96V(230V)
  • Input Current: 45A(115V), 35A(230V)
  • Output Current: 30A(115V), 45A(230V)
  • Quality cutting thickness: 6mm@65PSI 40A 230V
  • Severance cutting thickness 10mm@65PSI 40A 230V
  • Duty Cycle: 60% at 45A, 100% at 30A
  • Air Compressor Flow: 45L/min
  • No-Load Voltage: 260V

HYC45D is a robust and reliable inverter metal plasma cutter from Hynade, a renowned brand in the welding industry. It comes with several features that you expect from a quality plasma cutting machine.

Why Choose Hynade HYC45D Plasma Cutter?

Powerful and versatile

This machine is powerful enough to easily cut different thicknesses. It offers 10mm severance thickness and a clean cut on 6mm metal.

You can use it for cutting Carbon steel pipes, steel plates, and other materials including stainless steel, aluminum, iron, and copper.

Adopt the Latest IGBT inverter technology

It is very compact and lightweight. It measures 307mm x 138mm x 230mm and weighs 14.3 pounds (6.3 kg). Thanks to its IGBT inverter technology that makes the unit compact without compromising the power. In addition, the top handle makes it easy to carry around.

Package Includes

  • Plasma Cutter (1)
  • Cutting torch with 4 meters cable (length include torch head) (1)
  • Earth cable with 2 meters cable (1)
  • Power plug wire (1)
  • Air regulator with air gauge (1)
  • Air hose with 2 pcs hose clamp (1)
  • Tip (2)
  • Electrode (2)
  • Manual (1)


  • High frequency 50/60Hz
  • Simple to assemble and operate
  • Smooth cutting results
  • Better performance and durability
  • Compact and portable


  • Nothing for the price

FAQs About Hynade HYC45D

How long is the power cord?

It is about 1.8m long.

What size of air compressor is perfect to run this unit?

An air compressor above 0.5MPa and airflow rate above 40L per minute will work with this unit.

#4 Lotos LT3500 35 Amp Air Plasma Cutter

2/5 Inch (10 mm) Clean Cut, 110V/120V Input, Pre Installed Air Filter Regulator with NPT Quick Connector

lotos lt3500 air plasma cutter

If you’re a hobbyist metal artist looking for an affordable plasma cutter, you should get Lotos LT3500. This 35 Amp plasma cutter is designed for light-duty cutting work.

Although it is manufactured in China, still it comes with several great features such as a dual voltage that you may find in an American made plasma cutter.

It is one of the most lightweight and compact plasma cutters available on the market. However, it is an ideal choice for budget-conscious DIY hobbyists. Of course, it is powerful enough to cut 2/5 inches or 10 mm metal.

If you are not a professional, but still plan to get started, Lotos LT3500 is a great investment.

#5 TOOLIOM 50A Non-Touch Pilot ARC Air Plasma Cutter

Dual Voltage 110V/220V IGBT Inverter technology, 1/2″ Clean Cut

tooliom air plasma cutter

TOOLIOM TL-50C is a non-touch pilot arc plasma cutter. That means the torch head does not touch the metal surface. The result is longer consumable life and better cutting quality. It can effectively cut rough, rusty, and painted surfaces and produces the least slag.

#6 WARFOX ‎WF-CUT50DP Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter

Non-touch metal arc starting, 120/240V Dual Voltage, Max Cutting Thickness 14mm, Clean Cutting Thickness 10mm in 65PSI

warfox wf-cut50dp plasma cutter

WF-CUT50DP comes with a non-touch pilot arc function that makes the unit effective to cut painted and rusted metals. High-quality electronic power components and consumables ensure that it will be a long-term investment.

#7 bestarc BTC450D CUT45 Plasma Cutter

45Amps, Dual Voltage 110220V

btc450d cut45 plasma cutter

BTC450D CUT45 is a beast give it a shot if you are looking for a non-touch pilot arc plasma cutter. With this unit, you can expect precise cuts, a wide range of cutting abilities, durability, and great customer service. This metal cutting machine is perfect to cut mild steel, copper, stainless steel, alloy steel, aluminum, etc. And it slices gauge metal without breaking a sweat.

#8 hynade CUT50H Inverter Metal Plasma Cutter

Touch metal (no pilot arc function) arc starting, 50A Dual Voltage 110/220V, AG60 Torch, Max Cutting Thickness 14mm

cut50h inverter metal plasma cutter

CUT50H (here “H” stands for High quality) is a perfect machine for indoor work and outdoor construction.

This 50Amps plasma cutter needs to touch metal to get an arc start. It can easily cut all metals especially stainless steel. It is a good helper for cutting Carbon steel pipes, cutting steel plates, and other materials. It offers 14mm severance max cutting thickness and 10mm quality cutting thickness for steel.

It requires touching metal to get the arc starting.

#9 warfox X45 Metal Cutter Plasma Cutter

Touch metal (no pilot arc function) arc starting, 45Amps,110/220V Dual Voltage, Max Cutting Thickness 10mm in 220V 65PSI

warfox x45 metal cutter plasma cutter

warfox X45 is a great little machine for your buck. It is perfect for slicing through stainless steel, alloy, Carbon steel, etc.

My Parting Words….

Metal art pieces or metal designs are very demanding.

So, if you enjoy plasma cutting and want to make it profitable, you can earn money by creating and selling metal art pieces.

What you need to get the job done is your skill and the best plasma cutter for metal art.
As you can see, I’ve shortlisted a series of the finest plasma cutter that our experts think are best to handle metal art projects.

But the ultimate choice is yours.

Good luck y’all!