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10 Best Metal Shears- Handheld, Corded, Cordless & Pneumatic

Metal shears are one of the most common power tools available for cutting sheet metal. It provides a faster and less fatiguing alternative to any other metal-cutting hand tool.

However, many users are often confused to pick the best metal shears. Various options and features are found in these cutting tools. Some are handheld, while some others are Pneumatic and electric.

There are corded variants for tougher or bigger jobs, as well as cordless ones that are just perfect for those who are constantly on the go.

Double-cut and offset snip style or single-cut shears are also available.
In my metal shears guide, I’ll give a quick breakdown of the 10 best options available.

10 Best Metal Shears Reviews

I’ve shortlisted the 10 models of the handheld as well as power and pneumatic shears. Importantly, I’ve examined every aspect of these metal shears so that you can figure out if they’ll meet your sheet metal cutting needs or not. I’ve shortlisted them in terms of specifications, performance, and price.

Let’s dig into the details of these top 10 options to uncover what they can do and which one is perfect for you.

Best Handheld Metal Shears

Crescent Wiss M3R – 9-3/4 Inch MetalMaster Compound Action Snips

best handheld metal shears

Crescent Wiss M3R is a professional-preferred compound action snip. If you’re looking for a cleaner cut every time, this aviation snip from Crescent Wiss is a great option. With serrated blades, it aggressively cut through materials.

Best Corded Metal Shears- Double Cut

Corded metal shears are the traditional type and the most common among all the different types. They are time and hand savers. You need to plug the electric shears into the power source or outlets running on 110 – 120 volts.

Corded electric metal shears usually come with motors that range from anywhere between 3.5 to 6.5 amps. They are designed to make fast and clean work of cutting steel materials that have thicknesses average anywhere between 22 – 18GA.

Recommendation 1: WEN 3650 Electric Metal Cutter Shear– 4.0-Amp Corded Variable Speed Swivel Head

If you’re looking for the best electric sheet metal shears, WEN 3650 is it.

best corded metal shears

WEN 3650 is a variable speed electric metal shear. You’ll be very impressed by the quality heck and price of this double-cut blade shear. The powerful motor makes it easy to work out of a variety of metals.

Recommendation 2: Genesis GES40 Electric Power Metal Shear, original version- 4.0 Amp Corded Swivel Head Variable Speed

best electric metal shears

Genesis GES40 is another excellent electric metal shear that cuts through various metals with ease with a 4.0 amp motor.

Best Cordless Metal Shears- Double Cut

DEWALT DCS494B Metal Shear-20V MAX, Swivel Head, Double Cut, 14GA, Tool Only, Brown

best cordless metal shears

Cordless or battery-powered metal shears are mobile or portable versions of corded ones. Cordless shears offer almost the same amount of power and performance. Some of the heavy-duty units even can cut through tougher materials like thicker aluminum sheets and 14GA steel.

DCS494B is one of the best Dewalt metal shears. It is a battery-powered double-cut Shears that allows you to take the tool to the workplace. It is easy to use, produces a far better cut on 14GA metal than expected- a must-have for HVAC construction workers.

Best Cordless Offset Metal Shears- Single Cut

DEWALT DCS496B 20V MAX Metal Shear– Offset, 18GA, Tool Only

best cordless offset metal shears

This model is specifically functioning as offset shears. It comes with an impressive set of features. It is excellent for cutting 18GA metal sheets. In addition, it easily cuts along corrugated and wavy steel surfaces.

Best Straight-cut Cordless Metal Shear Kit

Makita XSJ01T Straight Shear Kit-18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 18 Gauge (5.0Ah)

best metal shear kit

Makita XSJ01T double-cut shear combines faster-cutting speed, better control, compact size, and less weight. For cutting 18 GA mild steel and 20 GA stainless steel effortlessly, this unit is perfect. You’ll notice not only its premium specifications but also its noteworthy price tag.

Most Powerful Corded Metal Shears

Milwaukee 6852-20 18-Gauge Shear

powerful corded metal shears

Milwaukee 6852-20 comes with the most powerful 6.8 amp motor. The unit can handle heavy-duty tasks but it is lightweight. It guarantees high-capacity cutting, smoother acceleration, and performance.

Best Corrugated Metal Turbo Shears

Malco TSCM Corrugated Metal Turbo Shear

best corrugated metal turbo shears

Malco TSCM is a telescoping drill clamp that fits any large and small impact and drill drivers. The recent redesign makes lengthwise trim cuts, fast cross-cuts, and square or circular outlet holes. It can cut in small or large corrugated patterns and other non-standing-seam panels including trapezoidal (box) profiles.

Best Metal Shear Drill Attachments

DEWALT DWASHRIR Metal Shears Attachment– Impact Ready

best meta shear drill attachment

These types of attachments are shear heads that you can attach to your power drills to transform them into a dedicated metal shear. Metal Shears Attachments work on both cordless and corded power drills. Of course, their output is determined by the power of the power drill itself.

DEWALT DWASHRIR Metal Shears Attachment is an inexpensive and clever DIY alternative

Best Pneumatic Metal Shears

Ingersoll-Rand 7802SA Pneumatic Shear– Heavy Duty 20 Gauge

best pneumatic metal shears

Pneumatic metal shears run on highly pressurized air instead of electricity. Performance-wise, pneumatic shears are not far from what electric ones are capable of. Some heavy-duty pneumatic metal shears have rates as high as 4500 SPM. As these units are powered by an air compressor and have an air hose, they are somewhat difficult to set up.

Ingersoll-Rand 7802SA is a heavy-duty pneumatic shear. It can cut most types of plastics and all types of steel, tin, and aluminum.

Most Affordable Cordless Metal Shears

Ryobi P591 18V One+ 18 Gauge Offset Shears

If you’re on a tight budget, the Ryobi P591 Offset Shears is an affordable option for you. It handles nicely for most medium-duty tasks without much fuss. It can cut through 18GA metal.

affordable metal shears